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Social Media Leads to Sales

Paaleads has revealed that 17% of advisers expect to see new business from social media activity in 2010, a rise from 0% in 2009.
In its monthly member survey, the lead generation firm found that the majority of advisers said
lead generation would play a major part in how they would secure business from social media.

Advisers also expressed their confidence over their 2010 business prospects with 62% saying the outlook for their business will be very strong. Only 8% forecast a negative outlook for their business.
Dean Jones, head of Paaleads, said the survey proved that advisers are embracing social media as they look to diversify their business methods.
He added: “They are responding to consumer trends in a more dynamic way than perhaps
expected as we head into what will hopefully be a more prosperous 2010.”
Anthony Badaloo, manager at Church Hill Finance, said he believed social media had advantages
but would soon become another method of complementing how advisers generate business.
He added: “At the moment, social media is new and if advisers use this method early, it may be an advantage for them. However, most intermediaries will adopt it soon; the advantages will fade and traditional differences such as the quality of advisers will prevail.”


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