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Four Ways To Use Financial Social Media Marketing to Close the Sale

Being a thought leader may be easier than you think when you identify your unique characteristics and articulate them to your constituency.

It only takes minutes to sign up for social networking.

In a similar vein, when an advisor knows a prospective client’s social networking interests, they will likely uncover a rich source of voluntary, accurate and timely information at their fingertips – market intelligence that may well have a place in a closing presentation.

In preparing an investment policy statement or proposal, how much would it be worth to you to have access to a reliable record of a prospective client’s likes, dislikes and goals?

Advisors who wish to untap the market intelligence in their prospect’s social networking habits should consider trying four steps to testing the social media marketing waters for themselves.

1. Engaging your audience It takes only a few minutes to sign up and gain access to most social networking sites. Whether you are preparing for a family office meeting or an institutional presentation, knowing more about the influencers and decision-makers in your proposal approval process can prove invaluable.

2. Identify and articulate your areas of thought leadership What are the particular challenges your prospect is confronting that can be met by your professional expertise? Establishing thought leadership expands an advisor’s presence, while accelerating client qualification. After drafting an article about the refundable AMT credit that was mostly overlooked in last year’s stimulus bill, one advisor we know posted the article through a number of blogs dedicated to financial social media marketing. The effort resulted in many repeat visits to his web site, requests for more information and increased business.”


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