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Optimisation through the use of social media

Optimisation and social media are all buzz words within the online marketing media. Social networking has been in the news markedly of late. Some have even been lead to remark do people socialise in reality any more or is it all done online? You Tube, Facebook, Del-icio.us, Twitter, My Space the list goes on. All of these give you a ‘presence’ in the virtual world. More and more people are using the social media route to optimize and advertise their presence through the internet.
Social Media Considerations
Most bloggers and webmasters use social bookmarking sites such as Digg.com, StumbleUpon and Del-icio.us. These sites work by providing feedback on submitted articles via a judging and voting system. A well received article can bring a multitude of visitors to your site.

When considering your Search Engine Optimisation strategies it is best to choose one maybe two of the social media sites. All will help create further web presence and can bring traffic to your site, each work in a slightly different way. StumbleUpon can give a good influx of traffic from just a few votes; Digg however needs far more votes to help lift your article to the front page, once there your stats will show a huge traffic peak or spike. Social media sites can help boost your exposure throughout the web which will help considerably with optimisation objectives. The more traffic the search bots encounter visiting a site the higher up the rankings it will go. When aiming to build the popularity of your work not only do you want those tell tale spikes in your stats leagues you also want a loyal audience that read your work because they enjoy it.

Here is where social networking sites come into their own. By building up a large network of likeminded people you have a good start to a ‘reader list’ you know these people enjoy similar ideologies as yourself why else would they be within your network or circle. By simply building an enormous list for list sake’ you run the risk of putting the worrying thought of spam into people’s minds. Large communities or networkers can still easily be built but you need to constantly keep your reasons for building uppermost in your mind.

Key Points for Consideration
When writing content or articles and considering search engine optimisation alongside social media exposure the key points to keep in mind are:

What is your aim with the piece?
Who is your target audience?
Which keywords you are aiming to optimise?
Have you included well placed links throughout your article to include internal and external links?
Do your paragraphs elicit narrative greed, grabbing the audience with short, punchy remarks?
Is your content styled to aid ease of reading? This could include:
Bulleted points
Clearly defined subheadings (search engines appreciate this to help with indexing as well as any reader being able to grasp the articles intention from an initial skim reading)
Key points and interesting quotes
Do you emulate the feeling of community through your prose?
Is your article informative or educational?
Does your title give the relevant impression for those following through RSS feeds?


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