Firm Date Marketing

FirmDate Marketing, is a privately held corporation that specializes in building your social media network for the purpose of driving targeted prospective customers to your business.

For the past nearly two years, we have been building and testing the effectiveness of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, My Space and others with one primary goal:

Goal: Traffic and Conversion

This is the timeless business revenue building success formula.

Step 1: identify and discover what works in attracting targeted prospective customers to your offer.

Step 2: convert the targeted traffic to buying your offer.

FirmDate Marketing, has discovered efficient and effective techniques that allows us now to offer the work required for Step 1 to those who quite frankly have better uses of their time.

We recognize certain companies will need assistance with Step 2 which is the processes of converting targeted traffic to customers who spend money.

Social Media Network Building Services:

We develop a social media growth and communication strategy that fuels the growth of business revenue and profits. The primary sites we initially target are: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The success of social media network and social media marketing growth is, in part, based on the destination picture and what is done with the traffic that visits.

In summary, we build targeted followers, friends, contacts as fast as the sites allow us to. While building we work with you on developing content that will convert traffic into clients and customers.

Promotion and Advertising Using Our Social Media Network

Effective Campaigns

We use blogs and websites as destinations for most of our campaigns. Our clients should already be in business selling products or services. We are also able to drive traffic to pages on Amazon and other similar sites where the client has their books or products for sale. However, driving traffic to third party sites can be challenging since the results are not as easily tracked. We generally advise clients to set up Google Analytics in order to track traffic patterns.

Projects are quoted based on a clear definition of project scope.

The foundation for all “build it for you” projects includes:

Tweet messages
Twitter followers

Most projects will also require:

Autoresponder sequence
Lead capture page
Facebook friends build
Facebook group build

Fees normally are quoted for the following:

Phase 1: Initial consultation and Tweet message development
Phase 2: Build Twitter followers to at least 10,000 and Facebook followers to nearly 5,000
Phase 3. Build one or more Facebook groups

Scope of Services include:

All components of the marketing funnel and
Build revenue, profits and cash flow business consulting


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