Why Business avoid Social Media

You will probably find an increasing number of businesses putting their brand presence in social media sites. Several big brands (and also small brands) are using Twitter and Facebook to build relationships with their fan base.

Conversely, there are also many businesses who are (very) skeptical about this whole idea. Are you that stubborn businessman who is unwilling to try new social media tools?

If you are, you will most probably agree with the points below but look out for the counter-arguments!

1. Social Media is a Fad
Is social media still a fad?

I seriously doubt so. With so many celebs, businesses and politicians using social media as part of their marketing activities, it is hard to phase out social media just yet. Interestingly, social media is also creatively used to help police nab bicycle thieves in Boston! Social media is bringing real value to the communities and does not look anywhere near short-lived.

2. Social Media is For Kids
Looking at the adorable Twitter bird and endless gaming applications on Facebook, this argument is not without ground. But if social media is really for kids, how do we explain why teens don’t tweet and why the Facebook demographics are shifting to the 55+ age group?

It seems like the grown-ups are into our “kids” stuff now.

3. Social Media Can Hurt My Brand
True enough, social media is a double-edged sword. It can either bring you to glory or pull you down to hell. But let’s face the truth – If your product and service don’t suck (and you don’t offend anyone), your brand would hardly experience any negative response.

The resurrection of Dell from hell is a must read case study to prove this point.

4. Social Media is a Waste of Time
Time is a trade off for better customer relationships. Social media needs time but it is definitely not a waste of time. Think about it, you are hardly spending any money on this but it gives you great returns (tangible or not). Spending time on the people who support your brand (and also people who don’t) can improve the public’s impression of you. Why is that a waste of time?

5. Social Media Can’t Bring Any Returns
Comparing to other marketing channels, it takes more time to see the fruits of social media. To be honest, besides Dell, hardly any companies proved that they were boasted with a positive financial return through its use. But why are businesses still flocking in?

Perhaps the returns are intangible? As a result, they would take a longer time to measure and businesses with the lack of patience and foresight might lose out on returns (such as relationships, good opinions and satisfaction) that are as important or possibly more important than tangible returns.

6. Social Media is Unmeasurable
There are many ways to measure it and the measuring process depends a lot on your business objectives. Click here to learn how to do it.

7. Social Media is not for My Business Nature
Fair enough. Due to privacy issues, we don’t see businesses selling defense technology on Twitter or Facebook. However, if appropriate, a good idea would be to use social media with a “personal” touch instead. If President Obama is doing it without leaking sensitive information, so can you.

8. Social Media is Too Sophisticated
Yes it is if you’re not willing to start trying. Print Ad, Telephone and TV advertising, and the whole idea of the Internet were once overwhelming to most people. If we don’t break the barrier, we are not giving room to innovations.


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