List of Companies using Social Media and how
Corporate Blog:
Social networks: Facebook Page.
YouTube Channel: 123TV
Microblogging: 123TV
Flickr Foto-Stream: 123TV
3 Italia. Social networks: Facebook Business and La3 DVB-H groups.
Abbott Labs. Social networks: Facebook Labs Are Vital scholarship contest.
Absolut Vodka:
Online video: ABSOLUTworld
Social networks: Top Bartender page on Facebook.
Blogging: Nine corporate blogs.
Podcasting: Five corporate podcasts.
Social networks: Borderless Workplace.
Blogging: Life Insurance blog.
Podcasting: Life Insurance podcast.
Social networks: Facebook Acura TSX Connect fan page.
Widgets: Acura RDX Traffic on Yahoo.
Acuvue. Social networks: Facebook “Wink” application.
Addison Avenue. Crowdsourcing: Suggestion box.
Adidas. Social networks: adidas soccer on myspace; 70% of ROI driven by pass-along, aka “never-ending friending.”
Adobe. Tagging: Delicious account used to bookmark primarily tutorials.
Airplay. Social networks: Baseball Gameday Challenge Facebook application.
Content aggregation: By topic.
Online video: Alltop tutorial on YouTube.
Widgets: The Alltop widget.
Social networks: Shelfari.
Blogging: Web Services blog.
AMC’s Mad Men. Microblogging: Fake Twitter accounts.
American Express. Blogging: OPEN Forum.
American Legacy Foundation. Social Networks: MySpace, Bebo, hi5, xanga, Facebook, and Ning pages.
American Red Cross. Blogging: Red Cross Chat.
Animal Planet. Widgets: Killer Clips widget on Yahoo.
Annie’s Homegrown. Blogging: Bernie’s Blog (offline).
AOL. Blogging: Vincent Ferrari tries to cancel his account.
Blogging: iPod’s dirty little secret.
Social networks: Apple Students group on Facebook.
ArcelorMittal. Virtual worlds: Second Life presence.
Artful Home. Social networks: Community site.
Microblogging: ATTNews, ATTblueroom, and OnwardSmallBiz on Twitter.
Online video: Share AT&T channel on YouTube.
Photosharing: Flickr photostream.
Social networks: Facebook fan page.
Austin Ventures. Social networks: Facebook page.
Avaya. Blogging: The Contact Center Insights Blog.
Avis. Blogging: We Try Harder.
Social media press release: Avon Breast Cancer Crusade.
Social networks: Canada Breast Cancer Crusade on Facebook.
BAE Systems. Blogging: Graduate blog.
Bank of America:
Online video: Managers sing at a corporate meeting.
Social networks: Small Business Community on Clearspace. Medal Me! Facebook application.56
Bayer. Blogger outreach: Berocca Blogger Relief pack.
BBVA. Social networks: Finance community.
Blogging: New Thinking For a Changing World.
Microblogging: Twitter account.
Wiki: MIKE2.0 Methodology.
Best Buy:
Blogging: CMO Barry Judge’s blog.
Microblogging: Barry Judge on Twitter. Community Connection Manager, too.
Online Video: Geek Squad HQ on YouTube.
Social networks: Created Blue Shirt Nation to allow retail employees to support each other.
Widgets: Desktop Planner widget and Sarah Moulton Recipe Reminder on Yahoo.
Best Western. Blogging: On the Go with Amy travel blog focuses on travel with kids.
Big Rock Brewery:
Blogging: Friends of Big Rock blog.
Bookmarking: StumbleUpon account.
Meetup: Friends of Big Rock.
Microblogging: Twitter account.
Online video: YouTube account.
Photo sharing: Flickr group pool.
Social networks: Facebook group. Friends of Big Rock. MySpace group.
Voting: Digg account.
Bigelow Tea:
Social Networks: MySpace and Facebook pages.
Blogging: Bigelow Blog.
Blendtec. Online video: YouTube channel has almost 100,000 subscribers and over 2.2 million views, helps sell B2B products to a consumer base.
BMW. Social networks: Facebook 1-Series Road Trip application. Rampenfest fan page.
Boeing. Blogging: Randy’s Journal. Tanker Facts blog.
Bon Appétit Magazine. Social networks: Facebook page.
Borax. Social networks: Dirty Girl Quiz Facebook application.
BreakingPoint Labs:
Blogging: Corporate blog
Microblogging: Twitter account.
British Airways:
Microblogging: Twitter account.
Social Networks: Metrotwin community.
Brooklyn Museum. Social networks: Click! crowd-curated exhibition, Posse community, ArtShare Facebook application.
BSkyB. Social network: Facebook.
BT. Blog: Insight blog.
Burton. Microblogging: storedotburton on Twitter.
Community: Netvibes Universe including blogs, bookmarking, online video, slide sharing, virtual worlds, and wikis.
Carnival Cruise Lines. Social networks: Carnival Connections community.
Cavidi. Blogging: HIV Viral Load.
Charles Schwab. Social networks: Money and More community with Communispace increased Gen X customer base 32% year/year (now offline).
Crowdsourcing: Super Bowl 2007 ad contest.
Social networks: Aveo Livin’ Large Campus Challenge generated 217 million audience impressions.
Chevron. Blogging: Event blog during the World Petroleum Congress.
Chrysler. Blogging: The Firehouse, a media blog for journalists and analysts. Corporate blog.
Cisco. Blogging: Twelve corporate blogs.
Clorox. Blogging: Dr. Laundry.
CNN. Microblogging: Political Ticker on Twitter.
Blogging: Coca-Cola Conversations discusses company history.
Online video: Sponsored Cans Professional 3. Diet Coke + Mentos by Eepybird.
Social networks: Sprite Sips and CokeTag Facebook applications.
Virtual Worlds: Virtual Thirst contest in Second Life to design a vending machine.
Widgets: Coke Bubbles on Joost.
Blogging: Bob Garfield’s Comcast Must Die.
Microblogging: Customer support on Twitter.
Online video: Sleeping technician on YouTube.
Common Wealth credit union (Canada). Social networks: Young & Free Alberta, which led to $3.6 million in new funds.
Conde Nast Traveler. Social networks: Facebook fan page.
Crest. Social networks: Facebook page.
Cubby Bernstein:
Microblogging: Twitter account.
Online video: YouTube channel.
Social networks: BroadwaySpace. Facebook fan page and assistant’s fan page. MySpace profile.
Daimler AG:
Blogging: Das Daimler-Blog.
Content aggregation: FriendFeed account.
Online Video: Daimler-Blog YouTube channel.
Photo sharing: Flickr photostream.
Presentation sharing: SlideShare space.
Darden School of Business:
Blogging: Dean Bruner’s blog. Admissions News blog.
Podcasting: Podcasts@Darden.
Blogging: Corporate blog.
Microblogging: Twitter account.
Del Monte:
Brand monitoring: Used JD Power/Umbria to listen to conversations from dog owners.
Social networks: Created a virtual private community called I Love My Dog (offline) to support R&D efforts.
Blogging: Direct2Dell generates 3.5 million pages views/month. Nine official internal blogs and hundreds of team/departmental blogs in English, Chinese, Japanese, French Canadian, Portuguese, and Spanish.9 Dell Hell. Osaka flaming laptop.
Brand Monitoring: Uses conversation monitoring from Visible Technologies.
Crowdsourcing: Ideastorm allows users to suggest and vote on ideas, has generated 9,800+ ideas. Employee storm, internal idea community has generated over 2,700 ideas.
Microblogging: 22 corporate accounts on Twitter, as well as 17+ individuals using “[Name]AtDell” handles
Virtual Worlds: Second Life island.
Deloitte. Social networks: D Street internal network.
Delta Air Lines:
Blogging: Under the Wing.
Microblogging: Short-lived Twitter account during brand redesign.
Online video: YouTube account.
Photo sharing: Flickr photostream and group pool.
Social networks: Delta’s Force for Global Good on Facebook.
Detroit Pistons. Microblogging: Twitter account.
Domino Magazine. Social networks: Facebook fan page.
Doritos. Crowdsourcing: Consumer-generated Super Bowl ads.
Dove. Online video: dove evolution video on YouTube has generated over 7 million views.
Dwell magazine. Social networks: Dwell Connect.
eBay. Wikis: Broadly focused community wiki (now closed).
Edelman. Blogging: CEO Richard Edelman and Edelman Digital blogs.
Electronic Arts:
Online video: Integration of YouTube videos into the upcoming Spore video game.
Social networks: Smarty Pants, Spore, and Warhammer applications on Facebook.
Blogging: Sixteen employee blogs.
Brand monitoring: Using Collective Intellect.
Content aggregation: Friendfeed account.
Online video: YouTube channel.
Organization: Dan Schwabel, Social Media Specialist.
Photosharing: Flickr account.
Social Networks: EMC ONE internal network. Documentum on Facebook.
Ernst & Young. Social networks: Careers page on Facebook.
Eukanuba. Online video: YouTube account.
Blogging: Free Credit Report band blog.
Online video: YouTube account.
ExxonMobil. Microblogging: “Janet” was a fake Twitter account.
Facebook. Blogging: Corporate blog.
Blogging: Movie blog.
Social networks: Movie Pong Facebook application.
Federal Citizen Information Center. Microblogging: Twitter account.
Fidelity Investments:
Mashups: savings rate finder and checking account comparison.
Podcasts: Three topics relating to investment guidance.
Widgets: market monitor.
Blogging: Fisk-A-Teers blog.
Social networks: Fisk-A-Teers brand ambassador program.
Flying Dog Brewery. Crowdsourcing: Suggestion box.
Food Safety Information Center. Microblogging: Twitter account.
Blogging: Sponsored a test drive event for women bloggers. Where are the Joneses? blog.
Microblogging: FordDriveOne on Twitter. Twitter account for North America.
Organization: Hired Scott Monty to run social media.
Social networks: Ford Drives U Facebook group for student buyers. Where are the Joneses? group.
Wiki: Where are the Joneses?
WOM campaign: Hurra Torpedo campaign
Forrester Research:
Blogging: Twelve corporate blogs
Discussion boards: Interactive Marketing discussion boards.
Microblogging: Twitter account
Online video: YouTube channel
Social networks: Facebook fan page.
FujiFilm. Social networks: Z Spot Now for its Z20fd camera on Ning.
Microblogging: Twitter account.
Podcasting: Gartner Voice.
General Electric. Blogging: From Edison’s Desk.
General Mills. Social networks: Eat Better America.Pssst.
General Motors.
Blogging: Seven corporate blogs. GM Facts and Fiction. GM Next.
Microblogging: GMblogs on Twitter.
Online video: I Got Shotgun.
Global Crossing. Blogging: IP Convergence.
Goodwill. Blogging: DC Fashion blog.
Blogging: Official Blog and 30+ other corporate blogs.
Online video: Google channel on YouTube.
Gourmet Magazine. Social networks: Facebook fan page.
GourmetStation. Blogging: Delicious Destinations.
Blogging: Corporate blog.
Microblogging: Twitter account.
Blogging: alliconnect.
Social networks: myAlli weight loss community.
Guardian. Blogging: Comment is free.
H&M. Social networks: Facebook fan page.
H&R Block:
Microblogging: Twitter account with almost 600 followers.
Social networks: Facebook fan page with almost 1,000 fans.
Harley-Davidson. Blogging: Museum blog.
HBO’s True Blood:
Blogging: Bloodcopy and Tru Blood blogs.
Microblogging: Sookie Stackhouse character account.
Hearst. Social networks: Spin The Bottle Facebook application.
Heinz. Online video: YouTube contest
Hershey’s. Blogger outreach: Bliss House Party, generated 15,000 blog posts.
Blogging: 55 corporate blogs.
Microblogging: Twitter account used for promotions at BlogHer 2008.
Hitachi. Blogging: Six corporate blogs.
HomeGoods. Blogging: Openhouse blog, written by four customers, unpaid.
Honda. Widgets: Honda Fit Top Videos widget on Yahoo.
HSBC. Social networks: Stop the Great HSBC Graduate Rip-Off on Facebook. The HSBC Business Network for entrepreneurs.
Blogging: 125 corporate blogs.
Forums: developerWorks.
Microblogging: Smart SOA SocialNetwork ((S3N)) Team on Twitter
Online video: Rational Heroes machinima videos and Meet Mr. Fong on YouTube.
Podcasting: developerWorksand Social Networking Now
Social networks: Rational Heroes community space.
Strategy: internal social computing guidelines
Virtual Worlds: IBM Business Center and Rational Software Conference/Hipihi in Second Life.
Wikis: developerWorks
Blogging: Blogger relations with Jen Segrest of OHIkea, creator of “Saint Tokig” and forced to change her blog name to “FlatPack Ohio.” Ikea Hacker. Ikea Fans.
Online video: Video sharing (Sweden)
Social networks:Community (Singapore). Facebook fan group.
Indium Corporation.49 Blogging: Nine corporate blogs.
innocent drinks:
Photo sharing: Flickr pool for the big knit.
Social networks: Facebook fan page.
Instituto de Empresa Business School. Social networks: ieCommunities.
Blogger outreach: Intel Insider program.
Blogging: Corporate family of blogs.Inside Scoop lifestyle blog. Game Faces blog.34
Microblogging: Intel Developer Forum and Inspired By Education.
Online video: YouTube account.
Photo sharing: Flickr photostream.
Public Relations: Social media news releases.
Social networks: Facebook Intel Developer Forum, Inspired By Education, and International Science and Engineering Fair pages. Intel Studios for unsigned musicians. Open Port for IT Pros. Intel Software Network Communities.
Sponsorships: PopURL collection for IT Pros. Digg Labs Visual Arc. Slashdot meet the experts.
Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts. Blog: Intercontental travelogue.
Blogging: TurboTax support team blog. Bob Meighan’s Amazon Blog.
Crowdsourcing: Suggestion box.
Microblogging: 25+ employee accounts on Twitter to answer product questions.46
Online video: QuickBooks account on YouTube.TurboTax Tax Laugh on YouTube.51
Ratings and Reviews: TurboTax
Social networks: Corporate umbrella fan page on Facebook. TurboTax Support community. QuickBooks community.JumpUp community for new businesses.TurboTax Inner Circle Community.
Wiki: TaxAlmanac.
Online video: Fake teen sex ad.
Social networks: on Facebook
Widgets: JCPToday desktop widget
Online video: YouTube Jeep channel.
Photo sharing: Flickr pool.
Social networks: Facebook fan page. MySpace page. Jeep community
Blogging: “JetBlue hostage” blog.
Microblogging: Twitter account.
Online video: YouTube channel for corporate communications. Valentine’s Day 2006 meltdown.
Photo sharing: Flickr pool.
Social networks: JetBlue University.
Jobster. Social networks: Facebook application.
Johnson & Johnson.
Blogs: JNJ BTW. Kilmer House – history blog.
Events: Camp Baby 2008 for mommy bloggers.
Online video: J&J health channel on YouTube.
Social networks: Facebook Acuminder application and ADHD Moms fan page.
Joffrey’s. Outreach: Java Beta Test. Results include new flavor and name.
Kago Kamine & Solar (Fireplaces & Solar). Corporate Blog:
Kaiser Permanente. Blogging: Dr. Maring’s Farmers’ Market and Recipe Update
Keen Footwear. Microblogging: Twitter account.
Blogging: KFC Nation Citizen Blogs.
Social networks: KFC Nation. Facebook fan page.
Kia Motors. Blogging: Kia BUZZ blog.
Blogging: Let It Out blog.
Social Networks: Let It Out community.
Blogging: A Thousand Words, Grow Your Biz, and PluggedIn blogs.
Microblogging: Chief Blogger and Chief Biz Dev Officer on Twitter.
Online video: YouTube channel
Organization: Hired a Chief Blogger.
Photo sharing: Flickr photostream
Podcasting: Kodak Close Up.
Social networks: Facebook fan page.
Tagging: delicious account.
Blogging: Adam and Tyler.
Social networks: One Minute Mogul Facebook application. First Taste product sampling community.
Blogging: Lock picking secrets revealed.Unbreakable Bonds blog.
Organization: Director, Web/Social Media, Donna Tocci.
Social networks: Facebook fan page.
L’Oreal. Blogging: Vichy character blog and relaunch.
LaFraise. Blogging: Corporate blog.
Lenovo. Blogging: Voices of the Olympic Games, with assistance from Ogilvy. Personal blog of David Churbuck, VP of global web marketing.
LG. Blogging: The Official Blog of LG.
Library of Congress. Blogging: Official blog.
Linden Lab:
Corporate blog.
Online video.
Photosharing: Flickr group pool.
Virtual worlds: Second Life.
LinkedIn. Blogging: Corporate blog.
Loblaws. Ratings and reviews: Incorporated user-generated content into promotional materials to generate lift, using Bazaarvoice.
Lucky Magazine. Social networks: Facebook fan page.
Blogging: Adventures in self-publishing.
Microblogging: Twitter account.
Social networks: Mini-store application on Facebook.
M/A/R/C Research. Blogging: CEO Merrill Dubrow’s blog.
Marriott. Blogging: CEO blog.
Masi Bicycles. Blogging: Masiguy.
Mattel. Social networks: The Playground Community.
Mayo Clinic:48
Blogging: News blog.
Online video: Mayo Clinic channel on YouTube.
Podcasting: Medical and Health podcasts.
Social Networks: Fan page on Facebook.
Blogging: Corporate social responsibility blog. Fake Monopoly game blogs. Mom’s Quality Correspondents blog – “real moms” blogging about McDonalds behind the scenes.
Podcasting: Investor relations and other issues.
Social networks: Internal “Mindshare” community powered by Awareness Networks. College Hoops Extra Value Picks Facebook Application.
McKinsey & Company:
Microblogging: McKinsey Quarterly and Business Technology Office on Twitter.
Social networks: McKinsey Quarterly Facebook fan page.
Men’s Vogue Magazine. Social networks: Facebook fan page.
Mercedes-Benz. Social networks: Generation Benz virtual private community.
Customer support: getSatisfaction page.
Microblogging: Twitter account.
Social networks: Facebook fan page.
Blogging: Community blogs.
Online video: Bring The Love Back and Inspiration, Anyone? videos.
Social networks: Channel 9 developer community. Got Pies, OfficePoke, and Name That Small Business applications on Facebook
Miller Brewing Co. Social networks: Today I’m Toasting Facebook application.
Mini USA. Brand monitoring: MotiveQuest project.
Blogging: Molson in the Community blog.
Microblogging: Employees on Twitter include MolsonFerg, ToniaHammer, and MolsonRoss.
Outreach: Brew 2.0 event.
Social networks: “No. 1 Party School in Canada” contest on Facebook backfires. Or did it?
Monster. Widgets: Monster jobs widget on Apple.
Motorola. Wikis: MOTO Q Wiki with how-tos on using the phone.
Mountain Dew. Discussion Boards: Dewmocracy.
NASA. Microblogging: Twitter account.
National Geographic. Virtual worlds: LA Hard Hats virtual construction site.
National Instruments. Social networks: Nerd network.
National Marine Sanctuaries. Microblogging: Twitter account.
National Science Foundation. Microblogging: Twitter account.
National Women’s Information Center. Microblogging: Twitter account.
NBA. Widgets: 2008 All-Star Ballot widget on Yahoo.
NetShops. Ratings and Reviews from PowerReviews increased sales 26%.3
Blogging: Nike Basketball. Running.Women NFR.
Mashups: Nike 6.0 action sports community.Nike+ running route finder.
Social Networks: Jordan Brand Breakfast Club drew 120,000 members.3
Widgets: Nike+ challenges and goals.
Nikon. Blogging: Marketing blogger outreach campaign. Picturetown outreach campaign.
Nintendo. Online video: YouTube girlfriend on Wii Fit video.
Blogger outreach: WOM World.
Social networks: MOSH.20 Somebody Else’s Phone ad campaign: Anna, Jade, and Luca character pages on Facebook.
Blogging: OpenSkies blog.
Online video: Fly OpenSkies channel.
OpenTable. Social networks: Reservations application on Facebook.
Blogging: Hundreds of blogs.
Crowdsourcing: Oracle Mix.
Microblogging: 110+ employees on Twitter and other services.
Social networks: Oracle community.
Orange. Social networks: unsignedAct promotion.
PacSun. Microblogging: Twitter account.
Blogging: Mommy blogger event.
Social networks: Pampers village.
Paramount Pictures. Social networks: Stop Loss Facebook application.
Patagonia. Blogging: The Cleanest Line.
Peace Corps. Microblogging: Twitter account.
Pep Boys. Crowdsourcing: Suggestion box.
Blogger outreach: Can redesign triple package delivery.
Content aggregation: The Pepsi Cooler.
Organization: Hired Bonin Bough to run social media
PetSmart. Microblogging: Twitter account.
Pfizer. Widgets: Frame-Your-Horse widget on Yahoo.
Pitney Bowes. Blogging: Open Mike CEO blog.
Pizza Hut. Social networks: Facebook fan page.
Microblogging: Twitter account for customer support.
Social networks: Community site.
Blogging: Pontiac Underground.
Social Network: Pontiac Pulse.
PR Newswire:
Blogging: ProfNet Post
Microblogging: 20+ employee accounts and three corporate accounts
Photosharing: Flickr photostream
Social Networks: Three fan pages on Facebook, including PR Newswire for Journalists; News Releases Facebook application.
Tagging: Michael Pranikoff on delicious
Widgets: Eight Google gadgets,
Progress Software.
Blogging: Four corporate blogs, including the SOA Infrastructure Blog.
Microblogging: Three Twitter accounts, including ProgressSW
Social networks: Facebook SOA Infrastructure group.
Progressive Insurance. Widgets: Progressive Traffic widget on Yahoo.
Blogging: Fake ad controversy.
Social networks: Facebook Usain Bolt application.
Blogging: Scratchings-and-Sniffings and PurinaCare Pet Insurance blogs.
Widgets: Yesterday’s News on Yahoo.
Queensboro Shirt. Blogging: Behind the Seams.
Blogging: Quizzle, What’s The Diff? blogs.
Crowdsourcing: Quicken Loans and Quizzle on Yahoo! Answers.
Microblogging: Twitter account.
Online video: YouTube account.
Photosharing: Quizzleblog photos on Flickr.
Reebok. Social networks: Run Easy community. Facebook fan page.
Blogging: Adventures in Organization blog.
Bookmarking: Rubbermaid on StumbleUpon.
Microblogging: Twitter account.
Online video: YouTube account.
Photosharing: Flickr photostream.
Social networks: Facebook fan page. Crowdsourcing: IdeaExchange has generated 8,300+ ideas.3
Santa Cruz Skateboards. Microblogging: Twitter account.
Microblogging: SamsungMobileUS and The Samsung Instinct on Twitter.
Social networks: Ant Fight Club application on Facebook.
SAP. Social networks: Developer community. Business process expert community. Ecosystem collaboration.
SAS. Blogging: Twelve blogs including A Shot in the Arm and Closing the Intelligence Gap.
Saturn. Social networks: ImSaturn.
Scotland National Health Service. Social Networks: My Community Space
Blogging: Insider’s Network blog.
Microblogging: Twitter account.
Photosharing: Flickr group pool.
Social networks: Facebook fan page.
Securities and Exchange Commission. Microblogging: Twitter account.
SELF Magazine. Social networks: Facebook fan page.
Seventeen Magazine. Social networks: Facebook fan page.
Shop Direct Group (UK). Blogging: Corporate blog. Love Label from Littlewoods Direct.
Siemens. Widgets: NCAA basketball widget on Yahoo.
Silk Soy Milk. Social networks: Green Caps for Green Energy Facebook application.56
Simon School, U of Rochester. Blogging: Communications, Admissions, and Women’s Entrepreneurs Blogs.
Skittles. Social networks: Facebook fan page.
Skype. Blogging: Business blog.
Slice Media:
Blogging: Corporate blog.
Online video: YouTube channel.
Social Networks: Facebook fan page.
Sonic Drive-In. Widgets: Gift List Manager widget on Yahoo.
Sony Electronics. Blogging: Sony Electronics blog. Fake PSP blog in 2006.
Southwest Airlines.
Blogging: Nuts About Southwest.
Microblogging: SouthwestAir on Twitter.
Online video: YouTube channel.
Photo sharing: Flickr group.
Widgets: Ding!
Splenda. Virtual Worlds: Second Life island.
Spreadshirt. Blogging: Corporate blog.
Spring Awakening musical:
Blogging: Totally TRUCKED! blog.
Online video: YouTube channel.
Crowdsourcing: My Starbucks Idea, over 50,000 ideas submitted.
Microblogging: Twitter account.
Starwood Hotels. Blogging: The Lobby.
Blogging: Corporate blog.
Online video: YouTube channel.
Social networks: Facebook group.
StubHub. Social networks: Concert Scene Facebook application.
Subaru. Social networks: Subaru Owners Connection community which increased purchase intent 68% and converted seven sales.
Sun Microsystems.
Blogging: 4,600+ Sun-related blogs.
Online video: YouTube account.
Sybase. Blogging: Thirteen employee blogs.
Sydney Writers’ Centre:
Blogging: Corporate blog.
Podcasting: interviews with authors.
Social networks: Facebook fan page. MySpace page.
Blogging: Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile demands that the Engadget Mobile blog discontinue using the color magenta.
Social networks: Transmission with T-Mobile music show on Bebo.
Wiki: Sidekick wiki.
Taco Bell. Social networks: Facebook fan page and I Love Taco Bell application.
Blogging: Times Square billboard situation.
Social Networks: Facebook fan page. Dorm Survival Guide application with 7,000+ members on $500,000 budget. Facebook WOM campaign.
Widgets: Four widgets on Yahoo.
Teen Vogue. Social networks: Facebook fan page.
Blogging: 14 blogs under the now we are talking banner
Podcasting: now we are talking podcast
Texas Instruments. Blogging: DSP blog.
The Economist. Social networks: Facebook fan page.
The Home Depot:
Microblogging: Twitter account.
Online video: YouTube channel.
Ratings and reviews: Bazaarvoice’s Ask & Answer
Tagging: Social bookmarking in several content areas
The New York Times:
Blogs: 60+ content blogs.
Microblogging: Twitter account.
Social Networks: TimesPeople – article sharing in Firefox. News quiz Facebook application and fan page.
The New Yorker. Social networks: Facebook fan page.
The Nielsen Company. Social networks: Hey! Nielsen media commentary community.
The Wall Street Journal:
Blogs: 40+ content blogs.
Microblogging: Twitter account.
The Weather Channel. Widgets: The Weather Channel Mac widget on Apple.
Timberland. Social networks: Earthkeepers application on Facebook.56
TJ Maxx:
Microblogging: Twitter account.
Social networks: What’s In community.
Toyota Motor Company:
Blogging: Open Road Blog.
Brand monitoring: Client of Nielsen Online.
Microblogging: Open Road on Twitter.
Virtual worlds: Toyota Metapolis.
Widgets: Fantasy Football widget on Yahoo.
Transportation Security Adminstration:
Blogging: Evolution of Security blog.
Microblogging: Twitter account.
Travel Channel. Social networks: Kidnap! application on Facebook.
Turkey Hill. Blogging: Ice Cream Journal.
Tyson Foods:16
Blogging: Tyson Hunger Relief.
Microblogging: Twitter account.
United Kingdom government:
Microblogging: Twitter account
Online video: Number10 channel on YouTube
Photosharing: Flickr photostream
United States Army. Microblogging: Twitter account.
United States Department of Homeland Security:
Blogging: Leadership Journal blog.
Microblogging: Twitter account.
United States Department of State.
Blogging: Dipnote blog.
Microblogging: Twitter account.
United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Microblogging: Twitter account.
United States government:
Microblogging: Spanish portal Twitter account.
Social networks: A-Space intelligence community with CIA, FBI, and NSA.
United States House of Representatives. Microblogging: Twitter account.
United States Joint Forces Command. Microblogging: Twitter account.
United States Navy. Social networks: Navy For Moms.
United States Office of Personnel Management. Microblogging: Twitter account.49
United States Senate. Microblogging: Twitter account.
Vanity Fair:
Blogging: Five corporate blogs.
Social networks: Facebook fan page.
Blogging: Policy Blog.
Brand monitoring: Using JD Power/Umbria to listen.
Victoria’s Secret. Social networks: PINK fan page on Facebook.
Virgin America. Microblogging: Twitter accounts for information and sales.
Visa. Social networks: Visa Business Network application on Facebook.
W Magazine. Social networks: Facebook fan page.
Blogging: Check Out, a blog written by buyers. Fake blog: Walmarting Across America. Detractor blogs: Wal-Mart Watch and Working Families For Walmart?
Social networks: Facebook Roommate Style Match application. The Hub. Elevenmoms community.
Wear-Dated Carpet:
Blogging: The Carpetology Blog.
Online video: YouTube channel.
Photosharing: Flickr group pool.
Social networks: Friends of Wear-Dated and Wear-Dated carpet Facebook fan pages.
Wells Fargo:
Blogging: Four corporate blogs.
Online video: YouTube channel.
Social networks: MySpace profile for Cassie, from Stagecoach Island. Facebook Stagecoach Island application and fan page.
Virtual worlds: Stagecoach Island.
Wharton School of Business. Blogging: MBA Admissions blog.
Whirlpool. Podcasting: Developed and sponsors The American Family.
Whole Foods:
Blogging: Whole Story blog.
Microblogging: Twitter account
Wiggly Wigglers:32
Blogging: Corporate blog.
Podcasting: Wiggly Podcast.
Social networks: Facebook group.
Social networks: Facebook application.
Widgets: Fan Nation News widget on Yahoo.
Xerox. Blogging: 11 corporate blogs.
Yahoo! Blogging: Search blog.
Yoplait. Blogging: Bravo la petite fleur!
Yum! Brands:
Blogging: CEO David Novak has an internal blog.
Brand monitoring: Nielsen Online and Radian6.
Online video: vermin issues.
Outreach: World Hunger Relief Week.
Blogging: 13 corporate blogs.
Crowdsourcing: Suggestion box.
Microblogging: Multiple Twitter accounts, including CEO Tony Hsieh.


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