What Is Your Social Plan of Attack?

When working with businesses on putting together a social media campaign, I often find that the number one issue that they face is simply just being too “confused.”

What I mean by that is, many of these businesses have the intelligence, determination, money, employees and plan of action to bring together a strong social media campaign. However, what they all seem to lack is a solid plan on who actually is going to what, and when they are going to roll out their campaign.

For example, one company…let’s name it, “Company XYZ” knew exactly what they wanted to do. They knewthey wanted to begin to use Twitter on an daily basis and even what they wanted to tweet about. They also knew they had to use other social media sites like, Facebook and Linkedin and the other groups associated with their business, along with posting to a blog.

Trouble began however when I asked them, “Okay, so who exactly is going to do what?”

This is the response I got:

“Well Barbara will gather the information for the tweets and send it off to Bob who will then tweet it on twitter. Brad can then do the random tweets about different things and we can see how that works…” Kathrine can write up some blogs, send them to Matt to check and then after Steve is done he can post it, but we can also have Scott re-check the blog once its posted and make sure there are no further mistakes..” Karen should be checking LinkedIn once a week and explore the area and then report back to Bill for suggestions…” and then Facebook can be maintained by…”

Okay, I think you get the idea: It was a mess, actually more like a hurricane moved in.

My recommendation to all businesses who are thinking about or already using social media tools, is to pick one or two people who are passionate, who can maintain the voice of the company, and knows how to already work and monitor these tools. Those 1 or 2 employees should be your go to social media gurus.

To keep everything in check it is wise to give these duties over to two people whom are trust worthy and will get the job done accurately.

But there are many people out there that are one man or one woman shows, and wear many hats. But they still need a well thought out plan of action. There are just so many hours in a day, and some times it can be very time consuming.

What is your plan of action, and how do you plan out your social media campaigns?


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