36 Paths To Creating Powerful Joint Ventures Through Social Media

The other night I got off the phone with one of my online buddies…

The house was all dark and quiet and everyone was fast asleep. I was nowAMPED and WIDE awake because of the conversation I had just had.

I have to be honest with you… I keep getting ’slapped’ upside the head with HUGE “Ah-ha!” moments, and feel that it is finally time I share with you and completely EXPOSE an online ‘wealth creator’ that not many people in social media talk about or even know exists…

And that is the JOINT VENTURE…

Now I know, I know. It doesn’t sound glamorous or exotic. And for most people those words sound too full of ‘business’ and ‘work’ and no fun. But the joint venture is far from that, and I’m going to share with you why!

About a year ago, when I first came online I was very blessed by some specialized knowledge and happened to tap into some GREAT MENTORING (Jonathan Bud) that led me to focusing on creating relationships and exposure in social media. Again, if it all sounds too simple, let me ask you this…

Of the people you are connected with on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, or your blog, how many of them have you actually talked to on the phone or Skype? And how many have called you, not to pitch or sell you on anything, but to join you in business, as a partner, or want your mentoring?

There is a reason that most people aren’t seeing any success online, because they are doing social media marketing ALL WRONG!! And I know most people actually KNOW this information, but don’t APPLY this knowledge effectively or persistently…

Boiled down… you want to Educate, Enlighten, Entertain, Encourage, and Inspire people with your messages and videos. (Katie Freiling is a perfect example of this.) If you are doing this, you will ‘attract’ and ‘draw’ people to YOU like bees to honey! If you don’t make these changes, you won’t have a chance to succeed in the social media arena. That’s just the plain TRUTH…

The reason I’m sharing this with you today is because a Joint Venture will never have a chance of surfacing if you don’t bring ‘value’ to the world you are engaging!

So let’s get into some examples and details of what can be done to encourage people to KNOW, LIKE, AND TRUST you and ultimately want to learn from, join, or partner with you in business.
Relationship Building: Remember it’s about keeping the focus on others, asking questions, and listening for their Strengths, Interests, Goals, and Needs (SIGN). I like to visualize a spot light on them, keeping it off of me. People love to talk about themselves, and you will be thought of fondly by them as a great conversationalist.
Earning Trust: The fastest way to lose this is to be ‘pitching’ your gig to them right out of the gate. Approach people in a support role. Give, give, give…
Building Value: Ninety percent of your messages and content need to be of value to your audience. Ten percent or less should be based around promoting some sort of product or service you market. Be careful in the way you do this though… Create the promotion around a question or open ended thought.
Be A Good Communicator: Be clear and concise. Focus on what your audience would be interested in. Look directly into the camera lens if using video. They are asking themselves, “What’s in it for me?” as they engage you, too.
Use Social Media Strategies: Leverage the power of the social media sites. That is take advantage of the massive amount of traffic there. Get training from those with proven results in this arena.
Use Tools And Systems: Putting these together will maximize your results online. Make sure you have the ability to capture leads, follow up with them, and create more exposure for yourself. There are many such tools and systems to choose from…
Create A Blog: By far the most powerful strategy to have today in marketing is a personal WordPress blog. This is your ‘home’, the place where you can invite your new friend to learn everything about you. This is where you are able to build your personal brand and share your knowledge and personality with the world.
Create Social Proof: People want to see who you are connected with. They ask themselves, “Are people interested in your content?” People won’t spend much time on a site that looks like a ghost town. That’s why your relationships are SO important!
Promote Others: Get out there and ReTweet great content on blogs, comment on them, promote and tag people on Facebook, create a Facebook Fan Page that helps support others and their ability to self promote, ‘buzz’ other people’s content on Twitter with a genuine “shout out” about something of value that someone you want to know has created, etc…
Be Transparent And Authentic: Don’t just talk marketing and MLM… that isn’t who you REALLY are! Connect everything to a personal experience or story that people can relate to.
Show Your Personal Side: Tell stories about struggles, victories, family life, hobbies, interests, dreams, goals, passions… just typing these words gets me excited!
Use Video: This is the one medium that lets people see into your soul, connecting with the real person you are. Text and emails can’t come close to making a genuine first impression like video can. Send personal video messages on Facebook. I can’t tell you how many people have flipped out and told me how awesome it was to receive a video message from me. And that I was the first person to ever do that. And that they were going to start doing the same…
Offer A Mentoring Program: Believe it or not. You are most likely ready to do this now… Let me explain. Would you say that you probably know more than most people about marketing online? Because you’re here right now, I’m assuming you’re swimming in the same waters with people that have taught you a lot about this topic. Now you can take that to the next level. Create your blog and offer mentoring. Put a PayPal button on there and away you go. Here’s a post that shares how to do that and how to brainstorm a niche for mentoring.
Promote Your “Tribe”: Find people who offer high-value content and promote them on the social media sites and on their blog. An amazing thing will happen. They will reciprocate and you will reap HUGE REWARDS for this philosophy.
Engage People Everywhere: Show appreciation, comment on interesting ideas, ask questions, relate what you read to your own stories and get people to think and respond back to you… This is what creates the magnetic effect with people who GET THIS!! Start doing this immediately!
Refer People To Others (Be A ‘Connector’): Maybe it’s not a match for you to work with someone you know, but you just met someone else who would be… Connect them up. You’ll be amazed at what will come back to you when you GIVE UNCONDITIONALLY!

Here are Five Powerful Laws Of Stratospheric Success (From The Go-Giver Book) to consider…
The Law Of Value: Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.
The Law Of Compensation: Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.
The Law Of Influence: Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.
The Law Of Authenticity: The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.
The Law Of Receptivity: The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.
These ideas have been some of the most influential concepts that have shaped the way I do business and relate to people.

So now that you have 100’s or 1,000’s of more meaningful, ‘connected’ relationships, you now have an incredible asset to work with. Obviously growing your list of subscribers fits in here as well… because you can continue to communicate to them at will ’til the end of time. And they will be VERY responsive if you follow the lessons outlined above!

The whole time you were developing those relationships it was like putting money into the bank. When it comes time to request a withdrawal, you’ll have EARNED that opportunity.

Is this all starting to make sense???

But you haven’t even seen the FUN part! The part where you can create a significant income while having fun with these new friends…

Here is a significant list of the many creative and lucrative ventures you can develop:
Host Webinars (Free or Paid): This will still lead people to your information, products, or services.
Create Info Products: DVD’s, CD’s, eBooks, Membership Site. Too many people don’t think they have enough value to bring to the table. But THAT IS A FREAKING LIE YOU NEED TO QUIT TELLING YOURSELF!
Form A Tribe Or Content Syndication Partnership:
Create A Team Around A Network Marketing Product: Delegate marketing duties based on strengths; PPC, video, blogging, contacts, list building, social media, etc…
Cross Promote Each Others Products/Services:
Create Your Own Affiliate Programs For Information, Products, Or Services: Enlist your friends to help you with content, exposure, and marketing. Share the profits.
Become Affiliates To Each Others Stuff:
Create A Blog Together: Share or rotate the leads, rotate submitting content, build an SEO strategy together…
Create A Marketing Co-Op: Generate and share leads with Pay-Per-Click (PPC), share costs of programs like GoToWebinar or things that have a monthly cost.
Create An Exclusive Ning.com Community: Post exclusive information, videos, and discussions…
Form A Support Network: The goal is to help each other succeed. Through this many great ideas for partnerships surface.
Start A ‘Power Hour’: Carve out one hour per week where you meet on Skype and jump from blog to blog, commenting, retweeting, and submitting posts to social bookmarking sites…
Be A Guest Writer On Someone Else’s Blog: Approach a highly trafficked blog owner, and ask them if it would be possible to submit a guest blog post. This would be considered your most incredible content. Yes, your best! Give it away! So you can get exposure with your best ideas out there…
Invite Other Top Bloggers To Submit A Guest Blog Post To Your Site: Go for it! You never know, after you’ve put some time into developing the relationship, they may just say yes! Wahoo!
Interview Others: Find experts in niche markets that may be of interest to your friends and followers of your blog. You can also create a CD offer or bonus offer with that content.
Offer To Be Interviewed: Many bloggers will jump at the chance to host an interview with you if you offer great value in your content.
…and there are many, many more ideas I’m sure. Please add yours in the comment section below.

Like I’ve shared in the past about monetizing your blog… you now have the tools to go out and monetize the relationships you have built.


I launched my blog 3 months ago, and last month I had 9 people join me in my main business opportunity (with a half dozen more sitting on the fence ready to jump in any day), I’m part of a leadership team launching a NEW company right now, I’m personally mentoring 4 new people on a weekly basis, my ‘core’ tribe is launching a webinar training series on Marketing With Tribes, information products are being created, advanced mentoring programs are being established, membership sites are being co-created, exclusive affiliate programs are being launched, and several other things I’m not at liberty to talk about…

I’m sharing this not to BRAG or SHOW OFF… but to encourage you. YOU CAN DO THIS, TOO!

If this is a new idea for you and you’re new to online marketing, I have an ‘Encouraging Message’ for you here as well.

And really… what are you waiting for?

Let me share with you how I would get started on this grand adventure…
Make sure and subscribe to several marketing professionals’ newsletters. After a while the cream will rise to the surface and you’ll truly know who offers the best information on the web for getting the job done!
Connect with the marketing geniuses that you admire. Engage them with questions. Probe them for gold nuggets of information. Better yet invest in your own personal growth and training to hone your skills in this unique industry.
Get personal one-on-one mentoring. I know for a fact that the people I’ve been mentored by or the people I personally mentor get a MILLION TIMES more accomplished because of the accountability and personal attention received. Duh… that’s why the world’s best athletes and musicians all have personal coaches, trainers, or teachers!
I’d love to hear form you on my blog and on the social media sites. Look me up and let me know how things are going for you AFTER you start taking MASSIVE action on this information today.
I wish for you the best and all that life has to offer. It’s ALL IN YOUR HANDS NOW. What people do with this kind of knowledge is what separates the 97% from the 3% out there. Which will you be?

Kary Rogney

PS And finally, I have to thank Jonathan Budd for all that he’s done to help train and support me in my online adventure!

And btw, I always appreciate the ReTweet. And let’s drive down the conversation and ideas on this post. Ask questions and let your voice be heard. It’s all about engaging and interacting. Why not start here for a warm up?

Well, you’re sitting on the ‘blueprint’ to build your dynasty and to leave your powerful mark and legacy behind for future generations. What direction will your life go now?


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