Hate Facebook? Sick of social media? Check out Seppukoo

Tongue-in-cheek anti-social network Seppukoo seeks to provide social media-haters with a way to display their disdain for the explosive social-technology phenomenon.

The site offers users a way to “disconnect” themselves in – here’s the irony! – a highly visible, social way. Users announce their “deaths” complete with a memorial page. It actually will disconnect the user from Facebook. Of course this mock-suicide experience is by its very nature a social network of sorts, allowing others to leave comments on memorial pages long after the user has committed online seppuku.

A fun way for those on the fence about social media and social networking to express their discontent. Many people have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., but aren’t really active on the sites or profess annoyance at all the noise and mundane minutiae that tend to proliferate on such sites while not embracing the benefits of such social media. Seppukoo provides a way out!

And of course, even if you kill yourself you can always resurrect your Facebook profile.

Do you hate social media or love it? On the fence?

(For the record I am a huge fan of Facebook and social media. Clearly.)


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